"It's your destination"


Welcome to the App Umbrella world

We are an innovative company with a unique perspective on the online technologies environment.


The technologies we all know and use every day. Our goal is to create and develop apps for everyone while utilizing the great potential of an international community.

Our company was founded by a group of passionate, skilled and ambitious people. People who met in the online world of the internet, apps and various smart solutions. They are still actively working for our company to reach the ultimate goals, mainly on all major technological solutions. Together with investors, they form an Asian investment company which owns the entire App Umbrella brand. Founders and investors choose and supervise management. Their aim has always been to find a solid core of leadership and management which would take their ideas, knowledge, and money used to establish this phenomenal project and its principles to the place where it belongs. To the same heights where we can find Facebook, Google or Apple today!

The role of the management is to lead the entire company and conduct the vast majority of practical steps on a daily basis. To be in touch with our business partners, leaders and above all with our awesome community.

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"It's your destination"


where you are never alone. A community that opens its gates to everyone around the world. Modern community with no boundaries and with a clear and strong vision. A community of all nations, races and religions. We have a solid infinite vision. We open door to everyone and create a unique worldwide community with a common goal and purpose.... more info >>

We connect people. People who want to utilize great potential of the internet and online apps, be its daily users and at the same time profit from this environment.



are a common part of our lives. Entertaining us, guiding us and helping us every day and everywhere. Our aim is to offer a wide range of apps for everyone and thus open ourselves the door to AppUcoin ... more info>>

We develop tailor-made apps for you
We develop tailor-made apps for you
Reach us and we can discuss your idea. We will go through the whole process with you and we can prepare your dream tailor-made app just for you.
We can buy your app
We can buy your app
Do you want to evaluate the time you have spent developing your app? Do you want to have money to develop other apps? Then sell us your app.
We support your app development
We support your app development
We will be happy to support you in your app development efforts. Would you appreciate guidance and cooperation with a strong technological company? The opportunity for long-term cooperation is open for you.
We can distribute your app
We can distribute your app
We can help you with the distribution of your apps. We are open to partnership with skilled developers so that quality is our foundation and profit our common goal.


is an attractive and trendy virtual currency. A coin isn’t limited by any borders, not regulated by governments or other regulators. It’s a symbol of freedom and synergy. Virtual currency enables you to transfer values anytime and everywhere in a very simple way. This is the best way how to have everything secure and under control.

Every member of the App Umbrella community gets the opportunity to mine our totally unique virtual currency called AppUcoin.

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"We create, You earn"


AppUcoin mining

AppUcoin is the result of our totally unique mining process. The AppUcoin takes all known technological approaches to another level and shows us the vision of the future.

Take advantage of the extraordinary potential of our virtual currency and buy a share of AppUcoin mining today. Every App Umbrella member who shares our vision gains access to buying mining fields and towers and automatically participates in the AppUcoin mining and receives his share of AppUcoins to his own wallet every hour.

The sooner you become a member of App Umbrella community the bigger your share amounts of AppUcoins will be.

App Coin Mining


Vize - device

Strength, uniqueness, meaningfulness, and vision of our project throughout the community, apps, and participation in the growth of future coin values has attracted experts from all around the world and established the best cooperating team.

Experts from dozens of places around the world bring different approaches to our dynamic project. Different insights to our app solutions, project expansions, technology developments, innovations, etc. Working together with a clear intention. We want to help everybody around the world with our apps and we want them to have fun at the same time. So everyone can find their app for work, entertainment, traveling, whatever comes to mind. We are confident that our extraordinary team is able to develop the highest quality apps for the entire world.

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  • A vision of community
  • Strong and independent
  • International
  • Worldwide represented
  • Goal oriented
  • Open to everyone



  • A vision of apps
  • The most used apps
  • The most downloaded apps
  • The most popular apps
  • Top winning apps
  • Wide variety of apps for everyone



  • A vision of coin
  • Implementation into payment systems
  • Usefulness
  • Increase in the market price
  • Increase of the minimum value
  • Stability


Coworkers who represent the community and its members.
They are representatives of the values, ideas, and visions of our App Umbrella community.

Be a part of a team full of winners and achievers. Become a valid member of a working environment composed of inspiring people from all around the world. Teamfull of people of different ages, different opinions, ideas and points of view. Get the chance to work side by side with the best minds on fascinating projects and brilliant ideas and deserve absolutely superior benefits for the best employees and partners in form of profit shares or options for company shares.





"We have no limits"