About us

We are an innovative company with a unique perspective on the online technologies environment. The technologies we all know and use every day. Our goal is to create and develop apps for everyone while utilizing the great potential of an international community.

We can look at the right places and find synergies in business as well as in app solutions.

Our company was founded by a group of passionate, skilled and ambitious people. People who met in the online world of the internet, apps and various smart solutions. They are still actively working for our company to reach the ultimate goals, mainly on all major technological solutions. Together with investors, they form an Asian investment company which owns the entire App Umbrella brand. Founders and investors choose and supervise management. Their aim has always been to find a solid core of leadership and management which would take their ideas, knowledge, and money used to establish this phenomenal project and its principles to the place where it belongs. To the same heights where we can find Facebook, Google or Apple today! With this project, we simply can not settle for anything less.

The role of the management is to lead the entire company and conduct the vast majority of practical steps on a daily basis. To be in touch with our business partners, leaders and above all with our awesome community.

App Umbrella wants to establish itself on the market as one of the top brands with the best insights and understanding of the online world. When building our online content, a variety of apps and cloud solutions, we concentrate to release the best products for our community and customers. We aspire to have in our portfolio the most daily used apps, to have apps for a wide range of people as well as to have the most interesting apps for different age groups. Basically, to have an app for everything that has potential. To develop the best apps for work, relax and entertainment. From kids, moms, seniors, manual workers to highly positioned managers.

„We want to take the complicated and make it simple and accessible to everyone.“

What are the first and most important steps in order to create and start publishing such unique content?

Unite ourselves and build a strong base of a growing international community. A community that will tell us what it wants, what it needs and that will this way co-create the content from the early beginnings.

Frequency, speed, and dates of published apps and other online content and services are related to the size of our community. Because we all want to use these apps and other products, but we also want to make a profit from it. That is as well why we are different and we want to be unique in that. So at the beginning is important to concentrate on creating an international community.

In today's app world, if you make decent research, is one category an absolute frontrunner. Games! Games are the most downloaded, used and profitable apps worldwide. Why? Maybe because it can detach us from our stress and we can relax with it for a while. We know that and we won't overlook that. We are determined to achieve top positions in this category.

Then there are the ones we care about the most. Yes, our children. Our company works with the best and most creative artists to develop awesome content for them.

In a similar way, we proceed and prepare every category of apps. We always concentrate on the best synergy possible. So that we can have fun, educate ourselves and above all make money together. This allows us to build the best, fast-growing community around the world.



"We love to earn money, you love it too?"