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is the result of our totally unique mining process. The AppUcoin takes all known technological approaches to another level and shows us the vision of the future. Every App Umbrella member who shares our vision gains access to buying mining fields and towers.

Take advantage of the extraordinary potential of our virtual currency and buy a share of AppUcoin mining today.


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We are finalizing the development of a special mining app for all of our members.

You can look forward to a lot of interesting information and features. By downloading this app you will have your entire mining stats and information instantly and always under control.

You will be able to watch online the exact overview of your current mining status, you will know how much has been mined, how big are your mining shares and over what period of time. Everything simple and constantly under control. In addition, this app among other things will also allow the transfers of the AppUcoin, so it will also serve as a wallet.

It will also function as an internal market among our members.

We believe you will enjoy this app! Follow our feeds, we will inform you about its launch very soon.



"We love to earn money, you love it too?"