is an attractive and trendy virtual currency. A coin isn’t limited by any borders, not regulated by governments or other regulators. It’s a symbol of freedom and synergy. Virtual currency enables you to transfer values anytime and everywhere in a very simple way. This is the best way how to have everything secure and under control.

Every member of the App Umbrella community gets the opportunity to mine our totally unique virtual currency called AppUcoin.


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We have created an absolutely unique and one of a kind mining space. The result of our mining process is a virtual currency called AppUcoin.

For illustration, imagine it (the mining space) as a field on which you grow and later you collect its fruits (for example in the form of potatoes). In our context, the result of our mining process (our fruit) is a virtual currency called AppUcoin.

If we were to ask ourselves a question „Which type of coin would we like to own and utilize?“ most of us would definitely want a coin with great potential and technological background. A coin which would be constantly evolving with the worldwide trends, which would be easy to transfer across different continents, with immediate verification of transactions, sophisticated and secured at the highest level possible, coin which would guarantee the anonymity of all transactions as well as its secure archiving. All of this increases the potential of both usability and price growth and gives our coin strong credibility. It is also the reason why it is in such great demand.

In relation to technical solutions, we have our own absolutely unique way of securing transactions through an exclusive coding method. A sophisticated, fast and secure verification process, as well as proper hashing and of course blockchain technology. In the early stages of our project, we will be using ERC-20 tokenization to enable public trading sooner with a later entire transition to our own system. To sum up, our own entire system composed of exclusive technologies and unique world-class innovations with an emphasis on our own and exclusive coding system and blockchain technology.



"We love to earn money, you love it too?"