is the result of our totally unique mining process. The AppUcoin takes all known technological approaches to another level and shows us the vision of the future. Every App Umbrella member who shares our vision gains access to buying mining fields and towers.

Take advantage of the extraordinary potential of our virtual currency and buy a share of AppUcoin mining today.


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Every member of App Umbrella automatically participates in the AppUcoin mining and receives his share of AppUcoins to his own wallet every hour.

The sooner you become a member of App Umbrella community the bigger your share amounts of AppUcoins will be. Very important fact considering that there will be mined only 17 millions of AppUcoins overall.

Furthermore, there is one very important rule established in the App Umbrella community important for all members. A rule that each and every member benefits from the success of the App Umbrella project. Especially important with our community base growing bigger and bigger. Our common success will be reflected in the price of AppUcoin as well as on our income. This is also one of many reasons why you should start participating in this exclusive mining as soon as possible. First concentrate on receiving the biggest shares of AppUcoins possible and later profit from the success of the App Umbrella community reflected on AppUcoin's price.

AppUcoin shows the future of modern technology. For example, it will create a real coverage of its minimum value. This coverage will obviously also significantly affect the market price of AppUcoin. With the minimum value of AppUcoin increasing (through the community base growing, through the number of app users and other services users growing, and so on) will also increase the market price of AppUcoin. Along with other positive factors such as the above-mentioned technology background or the fact that there will remain less and less AppUcoins to be mined until August 1st, 2027.

Don't miss this awesome opportunity and start receiving your mining shares as soon as possible.

Early stage of AppUcoin mining provides the biggest potential there is. You can buy mining towers for a deposit of 54.9 USD or mining fields for a deposit of 549 USD.

Exchanges of AppUcoins are already working between our members and their internal wallets (they determine its price in this early stage) and during this year there will be possible to transfer AppUcoin to external wallets as well as to publicly trade AppUcoin because it will be listed on public exchanges.



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