where you are never alone. A community that opens its gates to everyone around the world. Modern community with no boundaries and with a clear and strong vision. A community of all nations, races and religions. We have a solid infinite vision. We open door to everyone and create a unique worldwide community with a common goal and purpose.

We connect people. People who want to utilize great potential of the internet and online apps, be its daily users and at the same time profit from this environment.

Our community is determined to bring the App Umbrella brand to the same level and perception as giants like Facebook, Google or for example Apple. These companies have grown up on utilizing the same environments while building a worldwide community and there is no wonder that they are currently the most profitable and wealthiest companies in the world. They have created one of the strongest communities of users nowadays. To be precise, not they but their users have created such great potential even though they have not received anything for it. Membership in their community does not allow users to participate in profits.

Whereas the App Umbrella brand is coming to change that. As a member of the App Umbrella community, you will have the amazing opportunity to use a broad variety of apps and other online services and profit from this environment at the same time.

The App Umbrella gives you a chance to be part of one big team. Cooperation allows us to create common values and move the whole project forward together. The opportunity to get to know each other, share information, enrich each other and build something really profound and big.

With the progressive development of our project and the realization of our vision in practice, we will establish a whole platform of amazing online solutions, payment, and reservation systems, shared services apps and many other services extensively required today. All that designed and developed especially for our community.

Furthermore, in App Umbrella community we want to support young talented developers and help people in need who really deserve that. That’s why we will also work on charity projects and invest in philanthropic activities.



"We love to earn money, you love it too?"