General terms and conditions


issued by APP.UMBRELLA, a.s. ("AU"), Antala Staška 1859/34, Prague 4, 140 00, Czech Republic, file B 22093 kept at the Municipal Court in Prague, ID: 01855867

The online shop is considered to be an e-shop located on the web site, in the provider's mobile apps and in other provider-owned apps (further referred to as the "internet shop"). This online store deals with virtual currency mining, including sales and currency sales.

These Business Terms and Conditions include the rules of trading a virtual currency trade between two online clients.

For the purposes of these General Business Terms, the contract is considered to be a contract of sale (further referred to as the "Contract" or "Contracts") concluded between the provider as the seller and a third person (further referred as "customer"), which concluded the Contract with the provider / trade (as set out in these General Terms and Conditions).

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are an integral part of the Agreement and govern the relationship between the Provider and the Customer. This GTC - the rights and obligations for applying and purchases in the online store. The contents of the Agreement are therefore the following GTC, valid price lists and other documents to which these GTC or the Contract refer. The provider reserves the right to change this GTC without prior notice from customers, with the up-to-date version always available on the web site.


  1. By filling in and sending an order via an online store or an order/registration form, the customer confirms the acquaintance with this GTC, their agreement with them and also the binding order. All orders placed via an online store are obligatory. The condition of the validity of the electronic order is filling in the mandatory information in the registration form. By completing an online ordering - registration form or binding order at the provider's place of business, the customer gives his / her consent to the sending of business messages and the consent to the collection, processing and archiving of personal data in accordance with the GDPR regulation, which is part of the contract
  2. The Provider has the right to verify the validity and correctness of the order by phone/e-mail, as well as the information provided in the registration form.
  3. The provider will inform the client about received order via confirmation e-mail, which will be sent to the customer's email written in the registration/order. If the customer does not receive a confirmation e-mail, he/she is authorized to contact the provider via e-mail or through a contact form located on the provider's website.
  4. If the customer ordered goods are not currently in stock (mining area and mining power), or if the delivery date cannot be met, the provider will inform the customer by e-mail to the e-mail specified in the order. In such a case, the provider is allowed to deliver the ordered goods to the customer in a substitute period, the length of which will always depend on the specific situation (the length of the replacement period will be notified by the provider to the customer by e-mail). The provider may extend the renewal period (even repeatedly).
  5. The purchase agreement is concluded when the provider notifies the customer about the acceptance of the order or part thereof. Acceptance of an order is not an automatically generated electronic receipt of an order in the provider's system, but a subsequent electronically sent confirmation marked as a receipt of the order or by telephone confirmation of the order by the provider. Acceptance of the offer may only apply to part of the ordered goods or may include changes in the order resulting from additional customer requirements.
  6. The provider reserves the right in the following cases to cancel the order or withdraw from the contract:
  1. the order failed to verify by phone within 3 days of insertion,
  2. the supplier of the goods contained in the order no longer offers it to the market,
  3. the price of the currency in the order has changed significantly, by 5% or more.

The Provider is also entitled to cancel the order only partially. Cancellation of the order (or part of it) will be notified by the provider of the customer by email. In the case of prepayment, the total amount paid will be returned to the customer within 5 business days of the cancellation of the order. In case of unavailability of only one of the goods ordered from the order, the provider will send available goods to the customer. In the case of advance payment, the difference in the price paid and the actual price will be returned to the customer within 5 working days of the partial cancellation of the order.

  1. The right of ownership of the object of purchase passes to the customer in case of storage of the goods in the operator's deposit at the moment of payment of the purchase price and in the case of sending the subject of the purchase to the buyer subject to payment of the purchase price by its takeover.
  2. Overview of possible ways of payment and collection of goods ordered in the online store:
  1. Bank transfer (payment based on the issued and electronically delivered advance invoice)
  2. Credit card (payment in the online store)
  3. Credit card (payment via payment terminal)
  4. cash (payment on selected place by provider)

The customer is obliged, together with the purchase price for the goods, to pay the fee to the operator, if it is specified in the registration/order, in the amount as published on the website and in the valid price list. In the case of the conclusion of a business relationship (purchase contract) between two customers of the provider, the provider is only the intermediary of the trade and the relationship between the parties is not related to him and he is not responsible for trade and fulfillment. Market prices vary according to the actual bid/ask and will be verified by the parties on the web and mobile facilities of the provider and agreed by the provider 's step. The delivery of the contractual performance is checked by the provider and is realized within 5 minutes of the assignment and confirmation of the requested transaction.

  1. Unless otherwise stated in the description of the ordered goods, all goods are put into operation no later than 15 working days after receipt of payment for the ordered goods. The operator reserves the right to extend the delivery period in the event of unforeseen events. The client will be notified immediately by e-mail or by telephone if the customer has a longer service. The method of delivery is realized according to the order, in the order of delivery of the payment of the price of the service or product.


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  1. The price of currency or power and the mining area (mining towers/mining fields) is dependent on the financial market deflections, regardless of the provider's will. The provider deals with currencies at world market prices, which are updated automatically according to the development of current prices, according to variables, such as the instant price of coins on global exchanges ("real-time spot"), LBMA Announcement Prize, Customer/provider's/ Buyer's Demand. Prices are quoted in USD for each individual item. The availability of the goods/service is a single entry for each individual item/service.
  2. The price of the currency or the power and the mining area (mining towers/mining fields) is given as a percentage of the tower/field performance during the mining period in the price list, and the deposit amount is given for each performance. The deposit will be returned after the mining period.
  3. The prices of the goods/services are published in the online shop and the valid price list of the provider. If the prices differ between the internet shop and the price list, the prices published on the order/advance invoice are valid.


  1. Accounts shall be opened exclusively on a name.
  1. AU opens an account for the client based on Agreement between AU and client.
  2. The first payment can be done:

b) transfer to account

b) online with debit or credit card.

  1. Client for an opening account must be verified with his ID.
  2. AU is authorized, in reasonable cases, to change account numbers after written notice to the client.
  3. AU at maintenance the accounts in coherence with Agreement, Terms and Conditions, Pricelist is obliged mainly:
  1. to receive the payments to the account,
  2. to pay the account holder or other authorized person in cash the required amount of funds deposited in the account,
  3. to execute, by order of account holder or other authorized person from the funds deposited in the account, a non-cash payment from an account to another account maintained by AU.
  1. The Account Holder shall comply with the provisions of the Agreement, the Terms of Service and the Price List:
  1. to fulfill all the obligations stated in Agreement, Terms and Conditions, Pricelist, Tariff and other relevant contractual and legal regulations,
  2. to pay fees to AU for services written in Pricelist.


  1. Account handling means the conclusion, amendment or termination of the Agreement. Account handling also includes handling of funds in your account.
    1. The Account Holder is entitled to dispose of the account. Any person other than the account holder may handle the account only based on a power of attorney granted by the account holder to which his signature has been officially certified (also referred to as the "authorized person"); it is not necessary to authenticate the signature if the power of attorney is granted to an AU worker. An authorized person who does not have an officially signed signature of an account holder (if he has accepted such a power of attorney) cannot handle with the account unless he signs a specific account with an AU employee.
  2. If the AU allows it, the account may be a co-ownership account of several clients, in which case each of them has the status of the account holder. Account co-operators handle the account together if they do not agree in the account management agreement with AU that one of them is dealing with the account.
  3. AU may refuse to handle with the account if it’s inconsistent with the laws, decisions of the judicial or administrative authorities, this contract or terms.
    1. AU reserves the right to restrict the availability of funds on the account (or with a certain amount of funds), in case of enforcement or execution.


  1. A transfer order is a request of the AU client to execute a transfer, entered in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement or the Business Terms and Conditions.
  2. The date of the transfer order is the due date, provided that the client has simultaneously fulfilled all the contractual conditions for the transfer.
  3. The date and, if appropriate, the time specified on the form for submitting the transfer order or the date and time of the authorization of the order submitted via the electronic form is decisive for the determination of the payment date, unless the maturity is set directly on a certain date.
  4. Payments in USD are available online anytime, apart from scheduled shutdowns and failures due to a technical error. The Client is authorized to make transfers in the Instant Payments mode from the date on which the AU will be able to file an electronic payment order in USD.


This GTC were issued as of February 7th, 2019 with immediate effect and replace the existing GTC. The provider has the right to modify the GTC and always publish its current version on its web or app.



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