Product price list


Valid since Feb 6th, 2019

This AppUmbrella product price list is an integral part of the purchase contract and general terms and conditions concluded between provider and customer (client/agent). The price list is in USD.

Product price in USD

Registration fee 29,90

Activation fee 5

Super Client 299

  1. (tower) 54,9
  2. (pool) 549

Bank terminal 54,9

Prices include all taxes and fees.

If the product listed in the price list has a duration (with expiry date), it is the duty of the client/agent to monitor this expiry date and to extend the service (reimbursement of the activation fee) at least 10 days before the expiration of the existing service.

The time limit for each product is defined as follows:

Product validity from payment extension possible

Registration fee 1 year NO

Activation fee 1 year YES

Super Client unlimited NO *

  1. (tower) until 1.8.2027 NO *
  2. (pool) until 1.8.2027 NO *

Bank terminal 2 years YES *

* The validity of products is subject to payment of the registration and activation fee.

The price list can be modified, and its current valid version is always reachable on the provider's official website.



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