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We can look at the right places and find synergies in business as well as in appsolutions.We can also reveal real talent.

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Do you want to work in a team full of winners and achievers? Would you like to become a valid member of a working environment composed of inspiring people from all around the world? Teamfull of people of different ages, different opinions, ideas and points of view? To be part of a very interesting job and to work side by side with the best minds on fascinating projects and brilliant ideas? We want bold thinkers! If you have the right passion and skills, whether as part of a technical department, business development or marketing.

We recognize quality and more importantly, we know how to appreciate it. You might receive absolutely superior benefits. The best employees and partners receive profit shares and some of them even options for company shares.

What do we value the most? What do we seek the most from our candidates? Deep commitment! Not just to personal excellence, but to working effortlessly for our awesome multinational worldwide community with our team and partners to ensure everything we do is the best that it can possibly be.

  1. We are teammates on your path to your greatness and to our common success. You will be part of our team."One team, one community, one App Umbrella."
  2. We are committed to excellence/perfection.We don’t use the word „good enough“. We want to ensure that everything we do is the best it can be. Our community values our commitment.
  3. Hungry for the best innovations there is.We are always seeking the best technological advancements in every field of our job.

We can offer you absolute freedom, creativity, and great company culture. It's your time to shine!



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