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Fill in your personal information carefully and truthfully. It will be verified later on (when you will be setting up your own wallet). Please provide an email address you use regularly and can be reached on and your phone number with appropriate country calling code.

Your privacy and personal data protection are very important to us. We always comply with GDPR and other legislation.

Personal information

Fill in your address according to your current permanent residence. The correctly stated address is a prerequisite for approval of your wallet.

Use the "Note" field if you need to add any details.

Contact details

For logging into your account you will always need your username (the email address you entered) and your chosen password.

Therefore, select a password you want to use for login purposes. We recommend choosing a password of at least 6 characters, containing a combination of different characters, numbers or uppercase and lowercase letters for security reasons.

Always protect your login information.

Contact details
99 USD
Mining tower

Registering and establishing your account is an integral part of the agreement. You will be provided with your own internal back office full of benefits. Everything in one place.

The size of the possible order is limited. You can purchase a maximum of 110 mining towers or 10 mining fields. In order to buy more than 10 towers or 1 field, you need to add a "Superclient" product to your order.

1 mining field is equivalent to 11 mining towers (therefore a field is more advantageous purchase option).

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I am aware of the conclusion of the contract in electronic form. I have read and I agree to(Contractual term and conditions)


I have read and I agree with the wording of the (General terms and conditions)


I have read and I agree with the wording of the complaint procedure, product price list and I have been informed about the right to withdraw from the contract (Claims policy, Product price list, Terms of withdrawal)


I have read and I agree with the GDPR wording and stated useof cookies(GDPR)


I am aware of all the risks connected to working with a virtual currency, I understand the possible consequences of fluctuations and volatility in the virtual currency markets and other adverse conditions. I am aware of the obligations associated with the tax burden according to the laws of my domicile for tax purposes.


We emphasize that your rights are always respected. We strictly ensure that everything is in accordance with current legislation. Read each document so that you know all the important information. Your personal data use, General Terms and Conditions and other important documents for full information regarding our services and products.

Confirm the agreement with each document by selecting the appropriate fields and continue to the last step.

Card payment
MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron
You will be redirected to your own client zone for successfull payment.
Payment by bank transfer
Name of account holder
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Variable symbol
You will be redirected to your own client zone after successfullpayment.

Choose your preferred form of payment. Card payment is a faster option and therefore recommended and more used variant. Make sure your card has online purchases allowed and limits set correctly.

Alternatively, we recommend using the bank transfer payment. You will receive the data required for a transfer payment to your email. Be sure to fill in the IBAN and variable symbol correctly.



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