Strength, uniqueness, meaningfulness, and vision of our project throughout the community, apps, and participation in the growth of future coin values has attracted experts from all around the world and established the best cooperating team.

Our vision for upcoming years is associated with AppU coin. It's a wonderful synergy, you can use the apps and build your own currency at the same time.



  • A vision of community
  • Strong and independent
  • International
  • Worldwide represented
  • Goal oriented
  • Open to everyone



  • A vision of apps
  • The most used apps
  • The most downloaded apps
  • The most popular apps
  • Top winning apps
  • Wide variety of apps for everyone



  • A vision of coin:
  • Implementation into payment systems
  • Usefulness
  • Increase in the market price
  • Increase of the minimum value
  • Stability

Experts from dozens of places around the world bring different approaches to our dynamic project. Different insights to our app solutions, project expansions, technology developments, innovations, etc. Working together with a clear intention.We want to help everybody around the world with our apps and we want them to have fun at the same time. So everyone can find their app for work, entertainment, traveling, whatever comes to mind. We are confident that our extraordinary team is able to develop the highest quality apps for the entire world.

App vision is closely attached to our community vision. We are connecting people all around the world, people who want to profit from the most earning online environments as common app users. We are determined to add the App Umbrella brand to the same level and perception as giants like Facebook, Google or for example Apple. At the same time, we want to help and support young talented developers and also those who deserve it. That’s why we will also work on charity projects.

Finally, both app and community vision is complemented by the vision of our awesome virtual currency called the AppU coin. Together they form a compact and strong vision of our project. We are building our own currency and its entire system. All based on real usage of common apps that people are using in their daily lives all around the world. Throughout our project, we want to reach a remarkable value of our virtual currency while creating and implementing our own profound payment system. That will enable us to become an independent and autonomous strong community. All three pillars of our vision create a wonderful synergy.



"We love to earn money, you love it too?"